Ron F.
I discovered this fast food by accident located at 586 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.The owner who is a teacher is very personable and friendly. I would recommend this fast food not only because of their good selection of burgers, chicken, french fries and milkshakes and reasonable prices but because of the customer service they provide and cleanliness of the place. If you are local to the area or a visitor support this fast food it will benefit our community.
Nicholas M.
Chick N cone is a delicious spot for the best cheat meal. It's still very new to the Jersey City area but I believe it was one of the best chicken and waffles places that I have had. The interior screams Jersey City. The owner took my order and I can tell that this business is his dream. He told me that his daughter was the one that gave him inspiration when she ate eggos and chicken tenders. He recommended the chick N Cone, Cajun fries, and a cone milk shake. Chick N Cone - waffle was made to hold together but break when there's pressure, so it held chicken together so well. I got the cinna maple which really made it taste sweet. I really enjoyed this a lot and there was a lot of chicken inside. I asked the owner and he said there were 3 tenders inside. Cajun fries - they are like typical Cajun fries, but they were fresh when I ordered them and I ate it with the peri peri and kickNranch. Peri peri was vinegary, which I'm not a fan of it but I'm sure others would like it, but I did like the KickNRanch because it had a kick while it was creamy. Caramel cone Shake - this is really delicious but very heavy. I really loved the texture of the cone in the drink. It was sweet but it helped with the fried ness of the food. Would say to try this as well. Honestly I still think about the ChickNcone and would come again for that if I'm looking for a good chicken and waffles.
Jennifer Toledo
Very Friendly Owner. All food is fresh and pretty quick since they make it on the spot for you. 10/10 would recommend!
Elizabeth Stuart
My experience with Chick’nCone was very satisfactory, you entered the establishment and was greeted with a warm welcome from the Owner. The menu was very informative and mounted on a lighted display. Staff was readily available for any questions you may have, service was prompt and food cooked as you ordered. Chicken was delicious with a variety of sauces served in a waffle cone, there was side orders of fries, Mac and cheese, and others. Loved their thick milkshakes. And above all a meal was reasonably priced.I would definitely recommend Chick’nCone.
Chelsea Lumbres
Had the Chick n cone w/ kick’n ranch and the Cajun corn w/ a soda and it was the perfect quick lunch I needed! Good blend of spiciness. Spent extra time for the vibes hehe. The meal is filling so I couldn’t get the milkshakes but I’m definitely coming back for more!!
John-Eric Aguilar
Stopped by Chick'nCone (Jersey City, NJ) today after visiting my sister. I had never heard of this place until my wife was searching for eateries nearby last night. What a find! We each got the Chick’N Cone meal. 3 of us got the Cinnamon Maple sauce and the other got the BBQ. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful even before dipping in the “sauce/syrup.” And you can eat it in the cone just like an ice cream! Lol. The fries and Mac n cheese are Cajun flavored. So it’s got a bit of a kick but we all enjoyed it. And lastly, the milkshake. I am very picky with my milkshakes bc many places make them too watery. This was a nice, thick milkshake that had a TON of waffles pieces in it. We will definitely have to hit this place up next time we visit (which will hopefully be sooner than later). Check it out if you’re in the area. The owner is really friendly too!
Kathy Diaz
I cannot get in touch with anyone online, and if I call, the phone doesn’t ever get answered. First time going to chicken come today. The staff was very nice. But the chicken was overcooked/reheated
Jessica Lauren
I really did want to love this place. It's super close to home, my kids love the park, and chicken and waffles is one of my all time favorite meals. I don't want to say that it was bad, it just wasn't anything substantial. The concept is mouth watering, but the reality is it's a mediocre chicken tender stuffed inside a rather plain waffle cone for $13. Again it's not that's it's disgusting to eat, I'd just only go back if it was $3.
Carol Bianchini-Frake
Cozy outdoor chicken n cone great meal….tasty tasty tasty!!!